Why is Data Privacy Important?

Why is Data Privacy Important?

These days, you can live your whole life through the virtual world provided to us through our cell phones and computers. With social media keeping us in contact with our friends and family, online banking allowing direct access to our financials, and the ability to shop from digital markets, we can access the real world without ever entering it. However, while putting our information online opens up ease and accessibility, it also opens us up to risks of privacy invasions. Cybersecurity is growing at a rapid rate to meet the needs of individuals, companies, and agencies wanting to keep their data private and secure against hackers. With our 100% online cybersecurity program, you can learn not only why data privacy is important, but how to keep that information from falling into the wrong hands.

What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy is a range of information about you collected on the internet. This data could be your personal identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI), it includes (but isn’t limited to) your social security number, your insurance and medical information, your birthday, your bank information, etc.

This information also includes how you use the internet – from your google searches, your habits on social media, and products you buy from online marketplaces. Your behavior on the internet will determine how products are finely tuned and tailored to advertise products to you. Many companies buy that information so that they can market their products to you better.

With this, data privacy is about your right to protect this information. Many websites now have a “Do Not Sell my Private Information” link where you can opt out of being sold in the aforementioned way. Your right to privacy extends to your presence on the internet.

Why is Data Privacy Important?

These days, it feels like even just thinking about a topic can bring forth advertisements and product placements throughout your internet experience. Much like your privacy being invaded in person, the invasion online can be just as intrusive and creepy. The ease and convenience of our modern technology comes with the cost of losing that privacy. Buying things online means putting your credit or debit card information into that website, using maps means giving your location to get directions, and accessing surveillance systems from any of your devices leads to the possibility of intrusion. Every person has the right to privacy, and that should extend to your time on the internet and modern technology.

Along with that, companies, institutions, and agencies all believe in data privacy in order to protect all of their information – which includes employee information, their trade secrets, and their financial information. Losing that privacy could put many in danger – a company could lose revenue, employees could be at risk, and government agencies could lose security to foreign entities.

What Does Data Privacy Have to do with Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity specialists are needed to help these big companies, institutions, and agencies keep their private information safe. They work to prevent major hacks, malicious entry and malware, and secure private data from falling into the wrong hands. Cybersecurity specialists allow companies to protect their privacy, their employees privacy, and keep sensitive information and data secure.

The University of Fairfax’s cybersecurity programs can help you become one of the specialists that large brands are looking to hire to keep their data privacy intact. Our professors are seasoned career professionals that can teach you the ins and outs of cybersecurity. We offer graduate and doctoral programs in the field, with a Master of Cybersecurity Management and Doctor of Information Assurance, along with graduate certificates that can help you increase your knowledge and boost your resume without having to commit to longer programs. The University of Fairfax wants to educate the world’s leaders in cybersecurity and see our students join the ranks of top businesses and organizations cybersecurity teams. Learn more about our programs, our mission, and our alumni success at ufairfax.edu.

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