University of Fairfax English as a Second Language (ESL) Partnerships

University of Fairfax English as a Second Language (ESL) Partnerships

For those who want to increase English fluency or qualify for an academic program upon level 5 completion.

English is the language of global professionals – those who can speak it have leverage in the workplace over those who do not, in the form of greater opportunities and advancement. The University of Fairfax (UF) has partnered with American National English Language Institute (ANELI). International students and US residents whose first languages are not English are welcome to enroll with UF’s partnered programs.

ANELI’s program is accredited by the Commission of English Language Accreditation (CEA) and is SEVP-approved for F1 visa students. Accreditation is the process of certifying an institution based on formal standards of quality. Accrediting agencies are membership-based organizations that ensure institutions have qualified faculty, proper curricula, and resources and support necessary to provide a quality education. The intensive programs help increase English proficiency with in-depth lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, and immersion in American mainstream culture. An assessment test is conducted upon admission to determine the appropriate level for the student (levels 1-6) and ensure that they are in appropriate class levels, saving time and money while ensuring the student remains challenged. When students have passed level 5, they automatically receive admission into UF’s academic programs (subject to meeting other admission requirements).

While ANELI prepares students for college-level academics, APDC provides instruction aimed at giving US-resident workers practical English fluency. Those working in the global economy will develop their English and learn skills to help give them a leg-up in the workplace.

“ANELI and APDC prepare students for success in their individual academic journeys by placing them in classes that are at the appropriate level for understanding and growth,” said Dr. Corina Langford, executive director of ANELI.

 The small class sizes allow students a maximum amount of individual attention and an opportunity to develop speaking skills. The instructors understand the challenges that arise when learning a new language as they, too, represent the same diversity of the student population. Outside of the classroom, external cultural activities are hosted, designed to foster students’ newly acquired English skills (currently suspended due to COVID-19).

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