Top Cybersecurity Careers

Top Cybersecurity Careers

The University of Fairfax has had over twenty years of experience educating cybersecurity leaders in order to secure their future and the future of our nation. Our alumni have flourishing careers ranging from organizations like the US Army, Cisco, and Wells Fargo. Along with that, our alumni hold positions ranging from Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Threat Hunter, and Senior Technology Strategist. UoF wants to train you and every aspiring cybersecurity career professional so that more join the ever-growing field and continue to protect this nation. The following are some careers that you could strive for after attending our master’s and doctorate programs.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a highly sought-after position as it is integral to an organization’s security and privacy. The CISO must protect the organization from any cyber threat or cyber-attack that could affect their information, employees, and assets. And with large companies or organizations, the CISO is very important as their information and intellectual property is highly at-risk for cyber-attacks.  Most positions will require at least seven to ten years of experience working in the cybersecurity field, along with management experience, working with information security risk management, policy development, and knowledge of current industry security standards and data privacy.

Penetration Tester

As a penetration tester, you would be responsible for testing networks and their programs to discover security vulnerabilities. This one allows you to be more creative in the way that you have to poke holes at an organization’s security and do so over and over to keep their security as strong as possible. You should have a strong knowledge of software programs and information management since your focus would be to attack the organization’s software for any holes. Some required skills for this position include (but not limited to) threat modeling and strong knowledge and understanding of programming languages, especially for scripting.

Cloud Security Specialist

This profession is only growing as demand for it rises, moving private information from a physical location to a cloud location. Responsibilities would be keeping data secure on applications, keeping up with user data, and upkeeping cloud systems. You must be comfortable with cloud computing, backup devices, storage, and servers. Protecting the security of cloud data will be one of the big focuses to this job, protecting an organization’s information from cyber attacks and threats. Most of these jobs will require skills such as experience with cloud systems, penetration testing and vulnerability, and strong knowledge and understanding of emerging cloud operations and information.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst will be the go-to person an organization needs to implement policy that enforces the organization’s security procedures that protect their information and data. In this role, you would be the company or organizations advisor on things like disaster recovery procedures, IT budgets, and developing strategies and policies that keep up with the changing tech of cybersecurity. You would monitor the network for security breaches. Some of the required skills for this kind of role includes (but is not limited to) developing plans and response policies, working with others on the cybersecurity team to recognize vulnerabilities, and writing reports on security plans and events.

With education from the University of Fairfax, you could join one of these many roles in the field of cybersecurity. We offer graduate and doctoral programs in the field, with a Doctorate of Information Assurance program, Master of Science in Cloud Computing program, and a PhD and Master’s of Computer Science and Engineering programs. The University of Fairfax wants to educate the world’s leaders in cybersecurity and see students join the ranks of top businesses and organizations cybersecurity teams. Learn more about our programs, our mission, and our alumni success at

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