Summer 2024 Cyber Bytes

Volume-02 (Summer 2024)
Greetings University of Fairfax/ANU Community and friends,

Welcome to summer 2024 newsletter! While transitioning to summer session, I want to thank University of Fairfax faculty, staff, and the students for making every effort to achieve institutional effectiveness in all areas. We have consistently been engaged in streamlining academic and administrative processes while promoting consistent growth in all areas. We have started two undergraduate programs this year and four more are in the planning stage. We have received excellent support from Salesforce for our data-driven processes. Our admissions representatives are being trained to manage and control admissions processes and produce timely results efficiently to the satisfaction of our new students. We are constantly adding new faculty members with terminal degrees in various disciplines. UF admissions, recruitment, retention, marketing, student services, social media activities, and all back-end services are streamlined and produce results in a timely manner. Your feedback to this issue is highly appreciated. Please email your comments and suggestions to – Dr. Varma, President, UF

Message from the Chief Academic Officer

Dear Students, Faculty, and Community Members,

I am thrilled to share some exciting news about the recent growth and developments at the University of Fairfax. Over the past six months, our student population has increased by an impressive 10%, reflecting the rising demand for our quality online education programs. While our growth in numbers is notable, our commitment to quality remains our top priority. We are dedicated to enhancing the academic experience and outcomes for all our students. We have made significant improvements in our doctoral dissertation process, IRB standards, manuscript evaluation, and dissertation committee assignments. Mandatory comprehensive exams in all our doctoral programs have been revised and improved.

At the University of Fairfax, we believe that growth in quantity must be matched by growth in quality. Our long-term plans are centered on providing a superior educational experience that empowers our students to achieve their personal and professional goals. We are excited about the future and committed to continually enhancing our programs and services.

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant and expanding community. Together, we are building a brighter future. Warm regards,

Dr. Khorsandroo, CAO, UF

Dr. S. Khorsandroo,
Ph.D. (Computer Science),
Chief Academic Officer (CAO), University of Fairfax
Research Interest: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Self-running Networks, Programmable Network Infrastructure.




Alumni Spotlight: new member – Advisory Board, Computer Science, Cybersecurity University of Fairfax

Cloud Computing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Cybersecurity, Application Security, PCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO, NIST Compliance
Emerging Technologies – Blockchain Author
University of Fairfax (DIA)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Yasmin Razack’s …. Success story to be told

After completing her DIA (Information Assurance), Dr. Yasmin transitioned into an independent researcher and has published several articles on Compliance and Blockchain in airline industry, published a book, and continue to collaborate with UF faculty. Dr. Razack has 25+ years of experience in IT/Airline/Fintech industries with a strong background in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Service & Infrastructure Management, Data Centre Operations, Risk management, Cybersecurity, and Service delivery in mission critical environments.

Dr. Razack worked as an adjunct professor in Cybersecurity at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, United Arab Emirates (UAE). She is currently an advisory board member of two reputed organizations in UAE and has been a lead ISO auditor/ trainer on emerging technologies and Cybersecurity domain for various organizations in the UAE.

Dr. Razack has provided several trainings on Information Security Management System, Data privacy, Business Continuity Management System, Information Service Management System, Facilities Management, Quality Management System, etc. to organizations in government and semi-government sectors across industries(Health care, education, IT, Oil & Gas, Cybersecurity, Banking/Finance, Transportation and Aviation industries). She has also helped in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in several organizations through audits/advisory and training sessions.
Dr. Yasmin Razack is a distinguished bronze member of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), IL, USA, blockchain member of IEEE and PMI professional bodies.

We welcome Dr. Razack as our new member of the Advisory Board for Computer Science & Engineering and Cybersecurity.

Message from the Director of International Student Affairs / PDSO

Hello students,

I extend a warm welcome to each of you as the Director of International Student Affairs and PDSO. Whether you are new to University of Fairfax or continuing your academic journey with us, I am excited to connect with you and support you throughout your time at UF. As international student, you bring a wealth of diversity, talent, and unique perspectives to our university community. I understand that navigating a new educational environment can present challenges. At UF, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure your academic success and overall well-being. Whether you have questions about immigration regulations, need assistance with cultural adjustment, or are seeking guidance on employment authorization, travel, or other matters, we are here to help.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or my team if you have any questions, concerns, or if there is anything we can do to assist you. We are here to support you every step of the way and ensure that your experience at UF is both enriching and rewarding. Once again, welcome to University of Fairfax. We are thrilled to have you as part of our international student community, and we look forward to supporting you on your academic journey.

The future depends on what you do today. Happy learning!
Rebekah Custer


Rebekah Custer
Director of International Student Affairs/PDSO




University of Fairfax doctoral student: volunteered at the Special Olympics

Col. Jeff Steinlage while attending University of Fairfax Cybersecurity/Information Assurance doctoral program shared his unforgettable experience when he volunteered at the Special Olympics. As he arrived at the venue, the air buzzed with excitement. It started with the parade of schools and more than 1300 athletes coming into the stadium. Athletes from all walks of life gathered, ready to showcase their talents and determination. Lastly they did the torch run around the track and lit the flame. His task for the day was to pin ribbons on each athlete and provide the finish line for the 50 m race. As he approached the first athlete, he noticed the determination in their eyes. They had trained hard, overcome challenges, and were now ready to compete. He felt that pinning ribbon was like a small gesture, but it carried immense significance.

Col. Steinlage explained that volunteering at the Special Olympics wasn’t just about pinning ribbons. Cheering from the stands, sharing in their victories, and celebrating their achievements was more rewarding and satisfying. Volunteering at the Special Olympics is about giving back, but it’s also about receiving. It’s about forming lifelong friendships, seeing the world through a new lens, and realizing that we’re all connected. From organizing World Games to capturing incredible photos of athletes in action, volunteers make a difference every day. Remember, volunteering isn’t just about what we give—it’s about what we receive in return.




Fairfax Bytes: New Undergraduate Programs

Beginning of 2024 the University of Fairfax introduced the following undergraduate programs:

Bachelor of Science in Network Administration (BSNA)
Bachelor of Science in Network Administration and Cybersecurity (BSNC)

Why enroll in BSNA?
BSNA graduates will work as network administrators and computer systems analysts. Have skills in hardware/software, LAN/WAN, network design and deployment. Will perform advanced server configuration, server management, and security. Will work with and implement virtualization, cloud, and software-defined networks (SDN).

Why enroll in BSNC?
BSNC graduates will design, develop, and implement secure networks at the enterprise-level. Have skills both hard and soft – leadership, communication, and collaboration. Will perform network modeling, bandwidth management, and load balancing functions. Will work with and manage network devices such as switches, routers, gateways etc.

Message from the Director of Admissions

It is always wonderful engaging with so many prospects coming from various backgrounds and cultures looking for enrollment in different programs here at the University of Fairfax. It is our goal to make the application process as clear and simple as possible. The Office of Recruitment and Admissions are available to speak with our applicants at any point during the application process.

We are a diverse educational and professional team who are deeply committed to making our students succeed in their respective fields and careers. My team is here to educate our prospects on different programs we offer and share our experiences to move into the right direction. We are committed to present and explain our entire academic portfolio to our prospects in a simple manner and help plan their academic journey at University of Fairfax that may start from our undergraduate degree programs to all the way to doctoral programs. We ensure that we plan a path for success for you from day one. Please contact me at for individual consultation and discover unique educational opportunities at University of Fairfax. – Dr. Monica Bansal, Director of Admissions

UF Admissions Team – always ready to meet!












UF Accolades

Publication by: Dr. Safeeullah Soomro (joint publication)
Publisher: IEEE Xplore
M. R. Belgaum et al., “Self-Socio Adaptive Reliable Particle Swarm Optimization Load Balancing in Software-Defined Networking,” in IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp. 101666-101677, 2023, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3314791.
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Conference paper: Dr. Safeeullah Soomro (joint presentation)
Publisher: Advances in Emerging Information and Communication Technology, Springer
Part of the book series: Signals and Communication Technology ((SCT))
Included in the following conference series:
International Conference on Innovation of Emerging Information and Communication Technology
Muneeb, M., Islam, N., Al Reshan, M.S., Hamdi, M., Alshahrani, H., Soomro, S. (2024). Bitcoin Prediction Analysis Using Deep Learning Techniques. In: Shaikh, A., Alghamdi, A., Tan, Q., El Emary, I.M.M. (eds) Advances in Emerging Information and Communication Technology. ICIEICT 2023. Signals and Communication Technology. Springer, Cham.
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Presentation by: Dr. Sandra Fonseca-Lind, Professor, University of Fairfax
Paper presentation:
Dr. Sandra Fonseca-Lind, Professor, University of Fairfax
“Towards Using Risk DevSecOps Techniques for Improving the Enterprise Corporate Security Program for Lean Application and Data Governance”
The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD)
IABPAD Conference, January 3-6, 2024, at the Double Tree Hotel, 300 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Paper presentation:
Dr. Sandra Fonseca-Lind, Professor, University of Fairfax
Paper and Presentation 1 of 3: Gamification for Inclusive Teamwork and Leadership in Remote Settings
Paper and Presentation 2 of 3: Improving the Enterprise Corporate Security Program for Lean Application and Data Governance
Paper and Presentation 3 of 3: Performance Metrics and Indicators for Productive Collaboration in Remote Settings
Project Management Center for Excellence, A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

Publication by: Ali, Pandya, and Varma, University of Fairfax
Qualitative vs quantitative: the difference in the key sections of doctoral dissertations – A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS and a Summary of Findings
Ali, Azad, Pandya, Shardul, Varma, Umesh, University of Fairfax
International Journal of Doctoral Studies
Informing Science Institute
Doctoral students often face challenges in selecting a qualitative or quantitative doctoral approach for writing their dissertation documents. The challenge is usually faced at the outset of the process. Students contemplate which approach and the difference between them. The students also may not know the specific requirements for each section of the dissertation for each approach. Conducting a comparative analysis and providing a tabulated summary of the difference between the two approaches is deemed to be helpful to the students.

Student Survey

University of Fairfax Student Opinion Survey – 2023

1. Three largest programs at University of Fairfax:

  • Doctorate of Information Assurance (DIA)
  • Doctorate of Business Admin (DBA)
  • Masters in Com Sci and Eng. (M.S.)

2. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at the university? 93%
3. All things considered, were you satisfied with your program at this institution? 92%
4. Availability of your academic advisor to meet with you. 95%
5. Canvas was easy to navigate. 98%

New Faculty joined UF

Dr. Sonya Melton
Ph.D. (Information Technology)
M.S. (Information System)
Senior Database Administrator (Tech Mahindra – AT&T – Birmingham , AL)
Infrastructure Specialist (EDS)
Experience: University of The Cumberland, DeVry University, University of Alabama, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2021 Certified Associate

Dr. Danielle Rowell
Ph.D. (Social Psychology, Political Science, Public Administration)
M.A. (Political Science, Public Administration, Public Policy)
25 years of transformational leadership & collaborative management experience across higher education
23 years of effective, engaging, innovative & experimental instructional design, development, delivery & evaluation
25 years of experience in doctoral dissertation process, supervision, and management

Dr. Frankie R. Grullon
D.I.A. (Doctorate of Information Assurance)
M.S. (Cybersecurity Management)
25 years of cybersecurity experience in private and public sectors
Holds 32+ IT/Security/Project Management certificates
US Department of Defense Top Secret Clearance
President’s List & Dean’s List

Dr. Ahmad A. Mostafa
Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering)
M.Sc. (Industrial Engineering)
Disruptive Innovation – Harvard Business School
Credential of Readiness – Harvard Business School
15+ years of teaching experience
10+ years of consulting, networking, and prog experience

Dr. Sharon Gagnon
Ph.D. (Organizational Management)
M.E. (Education)
M.S (Telecommunications)
20+ years of teaching experience in higher education
Experience: curriculum development, budget management, research, writing, project management, telecommunications, and working with international students

Fairfax Bytes: Students’ Scholarly Activities

Ademola Adegoroye (D.B.A. Candidate) – Business Administration
Publication: Adegoroye, A. & Adekeye, O.O. (2024). Unveiling the Nexus Between Career Fulfillment and Resilience in the Public Sector: A Case Study of Ministry Employees in Lagos State, Nigeria. European Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(2), 94-105. DOI: 10.59324/ejahss.2024.1(2).09
Publication Link



Dissertations completed:

Clyde Joyce (DIA – Doctorate of Information Assurance candidate)
Dissertation Title: “Assessing the adoption and perceived impact of a tailored risk management framework on cybersecurity in healthcare cyber-physical systems: a quantitative design study.”

Kone Fseha (DIA – Doctorate of Information Assurance candidate)
Dissertation Title: “Patch Management Applications to Minimize User Data Breaches: A Delphi Study”

Recommended Journals for Research

(An International peer-review journal operated under CSC-Open Access Policy.)

International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS)

International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics (IJBB)

International Journal of Engineering (IJE)

International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP)

International Journal of Security (IJS)

Signal Processing: An International Journal (SPIJ)

International Journal of Computer Networks (IJCN)

Advances in Multimedia – An International Journal (AMIJ)

International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (IJAE)

International Journal of Data Engineering (IJDE)

International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Robotics (IJRA)

International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)

Internship Opportunities


Cybersecurity Internships: Where to Find & How to Get

Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program, Department of Navy (various locations)

NSA Student Programs- National Security Agency (various locations)

FBI Honors Internship Program- FBI (various locations)

U.S. Government Intelligence Internships (various locations)

CISA Cyber Internships- U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (various locations)

Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship

IT Security Intern- Washington Auditor’s Office (Olympia, WA)

Cybersecurity Internship Program

What does a cybersecurity intern do?
Testing web application security
Monitoring inbound security data
Responding to minor security events
Escalating events as needed
Assessing network security for vulnerabilities
Disassembling and debugging malicious software
Researching threats
Assisting with penetration testing
Developing scripts and automation
Helping to design and implement security solutions

Summer Term 2024 SU2/SU4

Summer Term 2024 – (24SU2) Course Session 2A
June 14, 2024 New Student Application Deadline
June 24, 2024 Course Session Begins
August 18, 2024 Course Session Ends

Summer Term 2024 – (24SU4) Course Session 2B
June 14, 2024 New Student Application Deadline
June 24, 2024 Course Session Begins
October 20, 2024 Course Session Ends

Degree programs offered through UF eLearning:

Bachelor of Science in Network Administration
Bachelor of Science in Network Administration & Cybersecurity
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management
Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering
Master of Science in Cloud Computing
Master of Science in Information Technology
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
Doctorate of Information Assurance (DIA)
Doctorate of Software Development (DSD)
PhD in Computer Science & Engineering
Cybersecurity Best Practices Certificate
Information Security Professional Practices Certificate
Enterprise Information Security Certificate
Project Management & Quality Assurance Certificate
CISSP Preparation Class

Mission of University of Fairfax

The mission of the University of Fairfax is to offer flexible, in-demand distance education programs that meet the needs of employers and students in a changing global marketplace. The University designs quality programs that foster critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration in career-focused disciplines. The programs offer students practitioner-focused curricula that advance applied knowledge and research in applicable contemporary career fields.

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