Level Up Your Business Career with Six Sigma

Level Up Your Business Career with Six Sigma

The University of Fairfax’s (UF) Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is incorporating Six Sigma methodology with White and Green Belt certifications into its teachings, without additional fees in the all-inclusive pricing. The Six Sigma training gives students a competitive advantage as many businesses already implement this methodology in their organizations.

Modern business professionals and executives require a deep understanding of business processes and must be capable of making strategic business decisions based on the data available. UF’s MBA program teaches these skills to students in a 100% online format. Students will learn project management methods, qualitative and quantitative methods, how to solve critical business problems, business ethics, and effective organizational communication. This program offers a general MBA, as well as specializations in information technology, cybersecurity, and project management. The program can be completed in its entirety in as little as 24 months.

Six Sigma is a statistical methodology used to define varying factors in business processes that allow room for error. By reducing the opportunity for error, the risk of the product or service being defective is minimized, leading to greater customer satisfaction, decrease in costs associated with errors, and increase in profit. The program incorporates methods of beta testing and customer-focused improvement to identify areas of concern, waste, and improvement. Equipped with the understanding of Six Sigma, students are set up for success by UF’s MBA program, confident that they are entering the workforce with the most up-to-date skills for a modern market.

The University of Fairfax, founded in 2002, was established to cater to America’s demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals, capable of protecting the exchange of information online. Now academic programs include cybersecurity, business, and information technology. UF graduates occupy senior positions in government, the military, and Fortune 500 organizations. Learn more at on the University of Fairfax website.

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