How Your Software Development Degree Can Help in eLearning Platforms

How Your Software Development Degree Can Help in eLearning Platforms

With the rise of Covid and the pandemic shutting everything down and locking everyone in, many in-person schools suffered with the lack of preparation for online learning. However, where many others were struggling to get things right, the University of Fairfax thrived in its eLearning environment—where classes were already accessible from wherever you had an internet connection. And even more, UoF provides you with the quality education you need to move up in your career without ever needing to step foot on campus. To do this, a lot of software and technical support is needed to keep our school running efficiently. Even more so, UoF has a Doctor of Software Development program that can teach you the skills to be a part of the teams that create the software behind platforms that you need to earn your education, like at University of Fairfax.

eLearning platforms jumped in popularity when the first of Covid shutdowns started, with four times more searches for online learning in the UK, US, Canada, France, and Italy during this time. When schools were closing their doors, students were looking to continue their education. Online learning provided the flexibility that students needed, as well as time efficiency in completing their education—and online education also had higher retention rates. There are plenty of benefits that come from eLearning platforms, which include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Self-paced learning
  • Time efficient – as most of our online classes help you earn your degree faster than the traditional, in-person classroom.
  • Cost effective

But eLearning platforms with these benefits are not just for education, as businesses and corporations are using these platforms to train their employees. Corporate learning platform reports show that employees have between 25-60% more knowledge retention. Behind every successful online learning platform, for education or for corporations, there are expert software developers to create, edit, and troubleshoot these programs.

How Does the University of Fairfax Prepare You to be an eLearning Platform Developer?

The DSD program will prepare students to identify high-level functional and technical requirements that encompass the interactions within an enterprise architecture environment. Specific studies will delve into the core and future areas that are expected of senior and chief software developers and offer an advanced understanding of software engineering, architecture and design, comprehension and maintenance, and programming problem solving techniques that are needed to acquire senior level positions in the software development field.

Not only this, but because we have our 100% online program, you will get first-hand experience in using an eLearning platform and what students have to interact with daily when they choose to go to school online. As well as this, we teach you skills that allow you to join a corporation and be in charge of their eLearning software, such as skills in developing software engineering process models and management approaches for design and architecture of large software systems. You will earn the experience you need to become an eLearning software development expert not only in your classes, but through your entire educational process at the University of Fairfax.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Software Development Expert in eLearning Platforms?

Our Doctor of Science in Software Development program has you taking classes that will help you refine your skills and provide you with deeper understandings within the software development field. Some of the skills you will need to work with eLearning platforms, from education to career development, are taught within our curriculum, and those include:

  • UI/UX development
  • Mobile app development (both Android and iOS)
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Project management
  • Problem solving and solution development

Our Doctor of Science in Software Development program is perfect for software professionals like you who are interested in a research career in this fast-growing field. Explore what classes you can take at UoF here to learn more about what our classes provide you when you join our program.

With more than 40% of businesses using eLearning platforms for employee development, and about 50% of students saying they took part in some form of online learning, eLearning is a growing field for software development professionals to find opportunities in. The University of Fairfax wants to help you become a top performer in the field through our Doctor of Science in Software Development program. Learn how to join the eLearning platform field while attending an online institution that has thrived even before the pandemic made online learning a new normal. To learn more about our programs and our 100% online approach to your education, go to

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