Graduate University Certificate Programs: Why Should You Take Them?

Graduate University Certificate Programs: Why Should You Take Them?

The University of Fairfax offers many routes of graduate education to those students looking to pursue those degrees – from graduate degrees, doctoral degrees, and even graduate certificate programs. Our certificate programs can help you bolster your resume, build upon existing knowledge, or allow you to find a new specialty within your field. Whatever the case may be, UoF can offer you more routes to pursue your education that other schools do not offer. In our certificate programs, you can earn a graduate education faster and 100% online! Learn about how our programs can benefit you in your education and career.

What Graduate Certificate Programs Does the University of Fairfax Offer?

  1. Information Security Professional Practices Certificate – Take the ISPP certification to fill cybersecurity positions at top organizations thereby handling security checks, policy designing and monitoring cybersecurity effectiveness of their information systems.
  2. Enterprise Information Security Certificate – The Enterprise Information Security Practices Graduate Certificate is a great way to learn and demonstrate your knowledge in information security terminology and concepts, and your expertise necessary to take-on ‘hands-on’ cybersecurity roles at these organizations.
  3. Cybersecurity Best Practices Certificate – Cybersecurity pioneers will tell you that in order to excel in this field, you have to ‘think like a criminal’. Take the Cybersecurity Best Practices Graduate Certificate program and become an ‘Ethical Hacker’ that the organizations are looking for.
  4. Project Management and Quality Assurance Certificate – This course would be a great first step for your career in project management and help your resume stand out from the rest when you seek a managerial position.

Why Should I Earn a Graduate Certificate?

  1. Bolster Your Resume – All of our certificate programs were created to help you advance in your field and career. If you’re looking to boost your chances of job performance and attainment without having to go through a whole master or doctoral program, these programs can help you do so without having to forego quality in education or experience.
  2. Save Time and Money – As previously mentioned, our certificate programs can save you time in comparison to graduate or terminal degree programs. They also save you money. All our certificate programs cost a total of $8,705 and could have your certificate in just 6 months. And because our programs are 100% online, you won’t have to go without pay to earn your education. You can work full-time while attending UoF because we developed our classes and terms to revolve around the career professional.
  3. Specialize in Your Field – Our certificate programs allow you to specialize in your field so that you can gain more experience in your interests. Not only that, but your specialized expertise because of our certificate programs can allow you to earn job promotions that you previously lacked experience in. Whether you join our certificate programs with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, these graduate programs can help you establish yourself more firmly in a specialization within your field.
  4. Grow Your Network – At the University of Fairfax, you will meet other graduate students who are looking to climb the career they have established themselves in. Because you are earning a specialized certificate, you will meet others that can grow your network and help you move within your field. Meet new people in your courses that bring a whole new world of thought into your education. Along with that, our professors are career professionals with experience in their fields – they can become your mentors and a part of your professional network!

Why Should I Study at the University of Fairfax?

The University of Fairfax’s 100% online education programs are designed for students who are already established in their careers. Our certificate programs are for those in their careers and looking to advance without having to give up their positions for school. Not only this, but our professors and instructors have work experience in the fields they teach so they can pass on their knowledge to the next generation.  Major employers (including Northrop Grumman, CSC, Lockheed Martin, Wells Fargo, CISCO, DHS, NSA, NRC and Veterans Affairs) hire and promote our students and alumni. Employers recognize that University of Fairfax students can immediately apply what they learn and make contributions at work because our practitioner-oriented graduate programs are taught by expert practitioners.

Our current students are more than happy to be earning their degrees and certificates from the University of Fairfax – without regret! Current DIA student and first ever IT Student of the Term, Ali Rah, speaks of his choice and what factors led him to make it: “University of Fairfax has the most important thing for me: accreditation. The second factor was money,” he says, “And no regrets, from last year until now, there [are] no regrets. It is beyond expectations… If I had to go again, I would make the same choice.” Ali spent two years researching where he should go to earn his terminal degree, and once he found the University of Fairfax, he knew that our institution was the place to increase his knowledge.

When established in your career, it can be hard to move up without earning more education or experience. With University of Fairfax’s certificate programs, you can earn both of those things without having to put the time and money into a graduate or terminal degree. Bolster your resume, move up in your profession, and grow your network with our classes and expert practitioners. To learn more about what certificate programs we offer, visit

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