Four Reasons Why You Should Earn a Graduate Degree

Four Reasons Why You Should Earn a Graduate Degree

Once students earn their bachelor degrees, there are two courses of action that they can take: return to school to earn a graduate degree or enter the workforce with their new educational experience. However, when confronted with this fork in the road, many graduates are left wondering if they should continue their studies or jump into their career field. The fees and tuition for graduate studies can be high on top of possible preexisting loans from undergraduates, but there are many strong reasons why students decide to earn their master’s degree despite the worries that they have.

Why Should You Earn a Graduate Degree?

  1. Develop Your Network

Entering a graduate degree program means you are entering a program that has more specificity to your desired field. In this way, you will be meeting other students who are like-minded and can begin to grow your network. In these graduate programs, you’ll be collaborating with more professionals who desire to not only grow and spread their knowledge, but who also wish to find more people to grow their connections as well. Your faculty will also be a source of networking for you as they have career experience in your field. Your network can provide opportunities that are crucial to the advancement of your career. Click here to read more about the benefits of developing and nurturing your relationship with those in your field and network.

  1. To Increase Your Salary Potential

According to, those who have master’s degrees earn approximately 20% more than those who only have an undergraduate degree. When you have this higher education, you could see more potential in your earnings than you would if you entered the workforce immediately upon finishing your undergraduate degree program. This can calm concerns about paying back loans from previous college experience, as well as provide you with more opportunities to move forward in your career.

  1. For a Career Change

If you finish your bachelor’s degree program and enter the workforce, you may find that you do not enjoy the field you originally were interested in. Rather than having to take another four-year program and spend more money trying to find something new, graduate school can provide you with the opportunity to learn something new or specialize in something without negating your previous education. As previously mentioned, earning a master’s can increase your salary potential. If you are unhappy with where you stand in your job, you can negotiate for something more, like salary increase or even a position change, when you strengthen your abilities and knowledge within your field.

  1. To Follow Your Passion

Grad school is not just for career potentials, but also for you to refine your passions and learn more in subjects that consume your interests. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in your desired study, but you get to surround yourself with like-minded people who also are fascinated by your field. You live this life for yourself, why not do things that not only make you happy, but make you passionate?

Why Should I Choose the University of Fairfax for My Graduate Degree Program?

The University of Fairfax not only offers several graduate degree programs in Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Business, but also graduate certificate programs to help you earn a graduate level education without having to commit so much time. Tuition and cost at the University of Fairfax is transparent and affordable so that you can earn your degree without the worry of financial strain. The institution is also 100% online so that you do not have to put your life on pause in order to earn your education – secure your future from the comfort of your own home.

The faculty and professors are all career professionals – they have true experience in the fields they are teaching you in. Along with that, you can build your professional network with them as they are committed to seeing you succeed – and they have their own professional network that has the ins and outs to your desired field. The University of Fairfax is here for you to help you earn your education, climb in your career, and succeed wherever life takes you. As current Doctor of Information Assurance Student, Ali Rah, says, “each of [my professors] impacted my life somehow, in some way. It’s like building a puzzle—all of them contribute to this puzzle in a positive way.”

When it comes to graduate degrees, there are many reasons for you to continue your education. From higher salaries to following your passion, you can find new opportunities through the University of Fairfax’s 100% online graduate degree programs.  Earn your education from home through our eLearning platforms and find your true potential in our master’s programs. To learn more about our online approach to your education, go to

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