Author: Chloe Daniels

Why is Data Privacy Important?

These days, you can live your whole life through the virtual world provided to us through our cell phones and computers. With social media keeping us in contact with our…

The Pros and Cons of Home Automation

With the advancement of technology, we are finding more and more ways to automate our lives and homes in order to make our lives easier and more efficient. Many people…

How to Stay Focused During the Holidays

The end of any year is met with many deadlines: the fiscal year ends, your work projects may need to be finalized, and your term may be ending with finals…

Five Reasons Why A Business Plan Can Fail

As an institution that provides graduate and terminal business degree programs, the University of Fairfax provides education and opportunity for our students to become successful in their careers. However, sometimes…

How Your Software Development Degree Can Help in eLearning Platforms

With the rise of Covid and the pandemic shutting everything down and locking everyone in, many in-person schools suffered with the lack of preparation for online learning. However, where many…

Graduate University Certificate Programs: Why Should You Take Them?

The University of Fairfax offers many routes of graduate education to those students looking to pursue those degrees – from graduate degrees, doctoral degrees, and even graduate certificate programs. Our…

A Choice That Exceeded Expectations: Ali Rah’s Story with University of Fairfax

Ali Rah was no stranger to research when he joined the University of Fairfax’s Doctor of Information Assurance program – in fact, he chose our program after two years of…

Earn Your Master or Doctorate of Business Administration at University of Fairfax!

Earning your Master of Business Administration (MBA) can be important to advancing your career and taking you to the next level. University of Fairfax’s affordable MBA program was developed by…

Cybersecurity In The Home: 3 Steps Households Can Take

This is an article written by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) staff with authorization to republish.  The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of Americans to embrace working from their own…

Top Cybersecurity Careers

The University of Fairfax has had over twenty years of experience educating cybersecurity leaders in order to secure their future and the future of our nation. Our alumni have flourishing…
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University of Fairfax

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